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Why Laravel is best to develop a Fresh Website for any Business

Why Laravel is best to develop a Fresh Website for any Business

Laravel is a free, open source PHP web framework and intended for the website development. Laravel is a php framework for creating website application within built features, supports MVC pattern, expressive and well defined syntax. It supports MVC architectural pattern which divides an application into three main logical components Model, View and Controller.

Laravel has a beautiful syntax which makes it object oriented. Laravel provides authentication and authorization system. Laravel is a reliable choice to build large scale enterprise applications.

It is most starred php framework for making process seamless. Majorly, laravel is known for its security with consolidate security, speed up database migration. It supports multi-lingual.

Laravel tools make it easier to solve tasks easily and help developers to do it fast. Laravel will make software delivery timely and cost effective.


PHP Framework Market Share



Security is important features of laravel while developing web application. Laravel provides high level of security. Laravel provides various mechanisms to secure web application.

–              Authentication

–              API Authentication

–              Encryption and hashing security

–              Password reset

–              Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection

–              HTTP Basic Authentication

–              Avoiding SQL injections


Blade Template:

In mvc pattern, V means view which presenting information in the web browser.

Laravel provides powerful and simple templating engine. Blade template offers two benefits of using Blade are template Inheritance and Section.



Laravel is the most popular PHP framework for application development. Laravel performs testing through PHPUnit and setup phpunit.xml file in application by default. For testing perspective, Laravel expressively test applications. There are two ways for testing one is Unit testing and another is Feature testing.

Unit testing are testing small and simple portion of code. Unit tests basically tests simple methods.

Feature testing focus on larger portion of code with HTTP request and to JSON.


Top 5 Laravel Website Categories



Laravel support routing features. Route is the way of creating a request URL. Laravel providing a very simple and expressive method of defining routes. These routes provide features like session state and CSRF protection. Laravel supports Middleware security that provides mechanism for filtering HTTP requests.

Laravel framework includes several middleware for authentications and valid requests.



Laravel support SSH that includes easy way to SSH into remote servers which allowing to build Artisan tasks. SSH façade helps to connecting to remote servers and run commands.



Laravel provides different validations rule to validate applications. To use validation, laravel controller class uses validates requests which validate incoming HTTP requests with rules.


Error Handling:

Laravel already configured error and exception handling by default.



Are you looking for developer or an agency for your Web application solutions for start-up businesses or Enterprise?

Hire highly skilled Laravel Application Development Company with experienced team who can handle your project like a dream project.

Laravel is modularized and empowers developers to develop microservices-based applications, thus every component can be transformed and updated independently.

This feature makes the framework the perfect choice for promising start-ups as building the web solution with a PHP framework from the outset will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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